CNJ Switching Shanty


CNJ Switching Shanty


CNJ Concrete Switching Shanty

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The railroad shanty was most commonly a clapboard structure close to a railroad crossing. Here a crossing employee protected vehicular traffic from oncoming trains.

The concrete shanty was uncommon. The inspiration for this structure, built by CF Massey Co of Chicago IL, sheltered the switchman from the weather. He would receive orders by telephone from the yardmaster and manually throw the designated switch.

The prototype for the model was used by the Central Railroad of New Jersey as a shifting/switching shanty in the Ashley PA yard near the Huber Colliery, possibly as early as 1939. Included is a photo from 1972 shortly after the CNJ abandoned rail operations in PA, and a photo from 1982.

River Leaf Models, in collaboration with Don Kane Jr produced this forgotten structure based in the original one located in Ashley PA.

Kit features:

  • All dimension are base in the real building 2.50″ tall and 2.00″ wide.
  • Separated windows and windows frame for easy painting.
  • 1/8 MDF construction.
  • No special tools required for assembly
  • Easy to paint.
  • Pre drilled 1/8 smoke stack.





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