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Electric Meters


Watt-Hour Meters

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In 1889 Thomson introduced his recording wattmeter. This was the first true watthour meter, and it was an immediate commercial success, many utilities adopting it as their “standard” model. Although this meter was initially designed for use on AC circuits, it worked equally well with the DC circuits in use at the time. The introduction and rapid acceptance of induction-type watthour meters in the late 1890’s relegated the use of this commutator-type meter to DC circuits.

From the early years the meters were round, the type “CS” single phase was most common meter used during 1933 to 1957. Some variation occurred but the round dial prevailed.

River Leaf Model bring this small detail to be added to your buildings, creating alley scenes more real!

The kit consist of two blocks of fives meters bodies, dials and conduit.



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