Walter’s Building S scale


Walter’s Building S scale


Walter’s Buildings Iron Flat.

Always there is a corner to fill on our layouts, and are not always square. In real life happened the same, and the Flat Iron style building born.

The name Flat Iron is because the shape, associated to the appliance, some people say the name was given after the first building built on a corner called Flat Iron, in both cases the appliance shape is the reason.

With a foot print of:

1.13″ in the narrow side

3.5″ in the widen side

4.50″ and 4.79″ in the side.

This building offers versatility, fill the demand of  turnout dead space, but keeping the look of the real buildings. The design allow you also to change the angled side to the opposite side in case you need it.

No fire escape available at this time.


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