River Leaf Models

Welcome to River Leaf Models. I am Andre Garcia and I established this design company in 2015 after a career with the Hewlett Packard Corporation. I am a native of Chile and immigrated to Israel in 1994 and in 2005, I brought my family to the United States as a part of my expanded responsibilities with HP.

Having lived on several continents in several cultures, I believe I have an understanding of the importance of Made In The USA. River Leaf products will always be manufactured here using parts and materials from US suppliers.

My production equipment is a high output, state-of-the art Epilog Fusion Laser Engraving System manufactured in Golden, Colorado. We use wood products from Northeastern Scale Lumber Company, located in Massachusetts.

I have long had an interest in model railroading and an even greater interest in craftsmanship. I have, of course, built my own layout and crafted intricate brass details for scores of O Gauge layout builders.

I believe there is a demand for well-crafted, sturdy and easy to assemble O and S Gauge structures. While there are many selections available, particularly in O, after ten years in the hobby, I noticed the same structures being used again and again on most layouts. I believe the River Leaf line brings new designs to the hobby to break the monotony many modelers encounter in layout building. Likewise we are bringing the entire River Leaf line to S Scale, where selections in structures are very sparse

Try one of our building kits and I think you will agree these are the sturdiest and easiest to build structures in any scale. I look forward to hearing from you.