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In 1843, Jonathan Browning moved with his family from Quincy MA to Nauvoo IL and reestablished his gunsmith business on Main Street.

Browning’s business prospered while he was settle in Nauvoo. The guns he produced in Nauvoo IL possessed a unique engraved plate on the stock reading “Holiness to the Lord – Our Preservation.”

One of the great early gunsmiths, Browning is recognized as the man who invented the repeating rifle and six-shot repeater. His son, John Moses Browning, invented the automatic machine gun later on.

River Leaf Model contacted the Nauvoo museum president, to reproduce this part of the guns history in O scale. The museum President liked and agreed with the River Leaf idea to replicate Jonathan Browning Gunsmith building.

This building was slightly modify to make it available. Originally was attached to J. Browning house on the right side.


Building features are:

  • Sturdy 1/4″ MDF construction.
  • Full brick engraved.
  • Shingled roof.
  • Footprint 5.00″ wide 6.00″ deep and 7.00 tall.
  • Plywood window frame and door.
  • Acetate glass.