Row Houses Block (3)


Row Houses Block (3)


Based on PA row houses

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The first terraced houses in the United States were Carstairs Row in Philadelphia, designed by builder and architect Thomas Carstairs circa 1799 through 1820, for developer William Sansom, as part of the first speculative housing development in the United States. Prior to this time houses had been built not in rows, but individually. It can be contrasted with Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest continuously occupied road in the U.S., where all the houses are of varying heights and widths, with different street lines, doorways and brickwork.

From Philadelphia’s founding, the row house has served as an easy solution to housing the city’s residents.

In many American cities, including New York, Baltimore, Providence, and Washington, D.C., builders, developers, and residents used row houses to solve the problems of housing demand, steep land prices, and narrow lots.

River Leaf Models revive this iconic construction to create a dense urban scene.


  • Will add Realism and Character to your scene.
  • Enhance your urban scene with a compact foot print.
  • Individual buildings that can be located separately.
  • Entrance stair.
  • Sturdy MDF construction.
  • Coal chute engraved door.
  • Foot print 9.00″ wide in total, 8.00″ tall and 4.25″ deep
  • Separated details for an easy painting and assembly.
  • RLM warranty and support.

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