Texas Tavern, Roanoke VA


Texas Tavern, Roanoke VA


Family own for 85 years.

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On Feb 13th, 1930 during the height of the great depression, I.N. “Nick” Bullington opened the 10 stool Texas Tavern and began serving

its famous bowls of chile, hamburgers, hot dogs, and cheesy western. With a no frills atmosphere and the motto

“Give the customer a fair shake” the Texas Tavern has become a landmark and a rite of passage for many locals and visitors alike.

Knows as “Roanoke’s Millionaires Club”, it is still run by the same family, now in its 4th generation of Owner ship.

River Leaf Model Recreate this iconic restaurant located in Roanoke VA. to keep the history in our layouts.

With a footprint of 4.00″ Wide, 3.80″ tall and 5.50″ deep this kit offer to you the exact front replica in a very robust and durable construction.

Made to be located next to a tall building, this kit has 2 full brick engraved wall, one blank (right wall) and brick and stucco for the rear wall.

Front window and door glass engraved to easy stick out the letters.

Signs and instruction available in resource section.